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Jul 19, 2012 4:00pm EDT
road. turns out she's carrying twins. >>> veronica is watching the storms in our direction. >>> a double surprise for a state trooper in utah, he helped a mom deliver twins on the side of a highway. the ordeal was caught on his cruiser's dash cam and the new mom also deserves some praise. >> minutes after checking on duptty tuesday morning, sergeant was dispatched to a woman in labor with twins. >> i came upon and there they were by themselves, a honda accord. i walked up and she's in the front passenger seat and i had already had one baby in her arms. >> do you have another one ready to come out? >> with i healthy baby boy in her arms, he prepared for baby number two. >> i'll get my first-aid kit. >> we have a birthing kit, has a bulk and clamps and things like that. kind of got a couple of things out to prepare, told her, you know, if you feel like you want to push, go ahead. >> my water just broke on other one. oh, my goodness. >> the mother was a real -- she was a real trooper for lack of a better phrase hold gs on to this baby and getting ready to have the second one. >> [ sc
Jul 16, 2012 4:00pm EDT
birth to twins lana noticed a spot on the back of her leg. at first she was concerned wit as blood clot. instead doctors discovered it was a rare flesh-eating infection. >> if you sit long enough, they grow so rapidly that you can actually see the skin change in front of your eyes. >> reporter: surgeons had to move fast, remove muscle tissue and skin trying to save her limbs and her lives. >> lana had at least 18 operations over a 21-day period to remove the bacteria and necrotic tissue that the bacteria chose to inflict, which is really extraordinary. >> but so is their patient, fighting not only if herself but her twins, ian and abigail. >> i was just glad to see them, very glad, and i just wanted to hold them and get to know them. >> her husband, her friends, even lana will tell you that holding those babies, the bond keeps giving her the strength to keep fighting. >> i'm more tired than i used to be and weaker and i'm getting stronger every day. >> reporter: strong enough to survive. jay gray, "news 4." >> and doctors say they may never know how she got that infection. >>> up next,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2